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Warmest welcome to our store where every item is handmade with love. 

We are a small, family-run business in Kent, England. Every item is handmade in our free time (if such thing exists in a family with three children and two Labradors) as both my husband and I have full-time jobs. 

While I grew up with animals around and my dream was to become a vet (even though I didn't become one, I continue to adore and admire animals, and feel passionate about animal welfare), my husband is rather new to the craziness that two pups bring to an already busy family life. We got our first Lab in the summer of 2019 and our second one in December 2020. Since the arrival of our dogs, I have spent way too much money on dog accessories - sometimes getting really good quality goods and sometimes quite frankly several items ended up in the bin after the first wash. 

On one occasion, an XL bandana I ordered for my first dog (then 10 months old and over 35 kg) barely fit our British black shorthair old boy weighing just over 3.5kg after just one round in the washing machine. In our store, not only we are offering affordable prices but also a 14-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please see our store policies for further information on returns and refunds.

We hope that you enjoy shopping with us. 

We are grateful for your feedback and review of our products. 

If you post on social media, please tag us so we can see your beautiful pets in our gear. 

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